Weekly Specials 9/10/2014 – 9/15/2014

September 9, 2014

Frittata, Breakfast Taco or Potato Boat with eggs, James Ranch lamb, cherry tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, cilantro pesto and chevre goat cheese. $15.00

Waffle topped with bourbon nectarine syrup, apple fig syrup, whip cream and toasted almonds. Served with two eggs and bacon or sausage. $15.00

Cider Plum Glazed Chicken Po Boy with savory bourbon apple compote, Vermont white cheddar and mayo. $15.00

Saffron Cherry Tomato Tri Tip Po Boy with smoked gouda, tarragon red cabbage Kraut, and saffron cherry tomato chutney. $15.00

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